A Parson is a large dog in a small luxorious package!
When you read this you also have to try and read between the lines.

To make a bit of joke you can compare a Parson to a mix between Dr. Jekyll och Mr. Hyde or an angel and Lucifer himself.

Never underrate a Parson and it's abilities for any kind of work.

Those dogs are suitable for any purpose infact a lot more than you ever can dream about.

A well-mannered Parson with a mission will turn out the most lovely member of your family.

Anyone can purchase a Parson but if they are suitable as owners is depending on education, activation and commitment.





Showing is also a way to compeat


More regarding shows and schedule, in Sweden and in other countries
will be found here

Svenska Kennelklubben

What do you need?

Shows coming up in Sweden


Shows abroad

How can I travel with my dog ?

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Beginners guide




Utility, obedience and Agility


These are sports a lot of people like to get in to.

To train or compeat in any of them you and your dog need to be in a splendlidly fit.

Befor you even can think of starting to compeat you need to do a lot of training. Any sport demands a really good co-operation between the dog and the handler.

Yo will find more about thos sports at the web of Brukshundklubben.

If you want to know more about Agility you can surf in here.

At the photo:
Malin and Fido, 11 months



Hunting and trials



It is not a lot of Parson-owners who actually use their dogs for hunting. Some people are not interested at all and some do not have the opportunity to go.

Any owner can take their dog to training and trials at an artificial set. You don't need a gun, land or experience at all.
This is something all owners of the breed should try as it is very important evaluation of the physicall and psychicall qualifications.

All Parsons should have the abilities to face and work in a trial set.



Artificial training and competitions, and sometime also blood-tracking is arranged by Grythundkluben and the German Jagdterrier-Club.


There are trial sets all over the country.

You and your dog doesen't have to be in excellent condition to do training in the artificial set.

And no experiences are required to start with.

You as a team will get both after a while. Also there are people in charge who will help

and advice you.

Excellent condition is recuired when you go hunting practically.

Also I suggest you introduce your dog to the Bager at the trial set before you let it down

in a natural earth.

Then you know a little more about the way your dog will act when facing the game.

Also do come with experienced people the first times.

When hunting on top of the ground the best way is to let the young and

unexperienced dog run side by side with an experienced.





Research - teams is always asked for


Blood-tracking is also someting anyone can practice.

You need to know some about land and woods, about the different wild animals

and how they move around.
To do practical research you also must be able to find out how bad and where the

animal is damaged. You can do this by looking at amount of blood, hair and small

parts of the body. Also a suitable gun must be brought by your self or any other.

A lot of breedclubs and wildlife associations arrange trainingdays for both

non-experienced and experienced teams.

Do contact any of these or maybe you know someone who do hunt so you can get

a tip whom to contact.

A research team is by law required to be available at any kind of hunting.